Mr. Alvarez Testimonial — St. Augustine, FL

Jared Paul

Macclenny, FL

I cannot recommend Wayne Frier of Macclenny Factory Outlet enough. They are second to none. I have been looking for a new home for years and have looked at all the competition and would continue to come back to them. When I was ready to buy there was no other choice to use this company.

I have worked with Jared the owner and Misty during my transaction and they will treat you as you are their only customer. It gives a very personalized level of service that cannot be out matched.

They have assisted me every step of the way from filling out the application of credit to the closing paperwork and have kept me updated on every step of the process from demolishing the house on the property to when the house is setup for delivery.

Raymond McCarthy

Palatka, FL

Jared is the best. We were looking for 2 years at houses and he is the only person that put us and our situation as a priority. He made us feel like family. We had such a great experience that my mother is getting a new home from him.

Rich King

Glen St. Mary, FL

Awesome experience with Elliot. I will gladly recommend anyone looking to purchase a home!

Justin Raysin

Keystone Heights, FL

Our experience here was great! Jared and Elliott answered all of my questions in a timely manner and were very friendly! Highly recommend these guys!

Brian Peeples

Callahan, FL

My experience with Wayne Frier was second to none. Wonderful customer service. Answered any question that I may have had in a timely manner. Couldn’t be happy with the quality of construction and also came in ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Wayne Frier.

James Mills

Hawthorne, FL

Misty is awesome salesperson. She really wants her customers happy and moving into a new place to live of their own. Very nice lady!

MacKenzie Small

Green Cove Springs, FL

My husband and I bought a new home from Wayne Frier and recently got to move in. Everyone we worked with was great and we are very happy with our new home! They got everything done really quickly for us as well! From the time we closed on our home to when we could actually move in was less than a month. Overall great experience.

Herschal an Stacey Jeffries

Middleburg, FL

I did this twice because Misty is a 10 in our book. She has been a great help on getting us set up in our new home. I would highly recommend Wayne Frier of Macclenny for a home purchase. Again thanks Misty! From Herschal an Stacey Jeffries

Flores Investments

Starke, FL

I’M A BIG FAN!! Positively THE BEST EXPERIENCE !! I’m a busy Real Estate professional who appreciates exceptional customer service. I expect and appreciate that Wayne Fryer Macclenny’s team have all done exactly as represented to me and my husband!! We bought two investment homes and plan on buying several more.

8 stars if I could give it and I’m a tough customer!!

Carly Kosis

Hawthorne, FL

The first week of December I contacted the office asking for a list of home in our budget within 10 minutes I had a list from Chris and I was able to research what home we would look at on our first trip to WFM. We arrived 12/3/2018 which was a rainy chilly day, we were welcomed in the office(not one time in the visit did we feel any pressure in making a purchase) they advised us we could drive around the yard so that we didn’t have to walk in the rain. We looked through a few different home, when we walked into the Duke we known that was the one. Jarred walked in a little after we had been looking at the Duke and was very straight forward. I advised him that I have read his review some good and some bad but I was willing to give him a shot. Glad we did!!! On 2/1/2019 we became home owners for the first time!!! The same day our mobile home was delivered and setup, with in one week we had steps and A/C installed. Only thing we are waiting on as of right now is well, septic and electricity! I have been in contact with Chris on a daily basis, if I email him he will always contact me within an appropriate time frame. I highly recommend Wayne Friar Macclenny for your home buying need!!! Everyone has been wonderful Misti and her crew have been amazing!! Keep up the good work team!!!

Amber Hook

Fernandina Beach, FL

The people that are at Wayne Frier Macclenny are absolutely amazing. They helped me get into my first home with as little problems as possible. I wasn’t sure when I walked in what the income would be but they never told me that I wasn’t going to be able to get a house, they told me they were going to try their hardest to get me into my house. Jared and Chris where with me every step of the way answering all the billion of questions that I had along the way. But they never once made me feel like they were too busy for me, no matter how small the question they made sure that they answered it by the end of the day and if they didn’t know he answer they found the answer for me as fast as they were able too. Even if it meant responding to my email after hours they never let that stop them. Thank you guys for everything.

Derrick Matchett

Palatka, FL

After searching high and low for our first family home, NO other company could touch Wayne Frier! Jared did an amazing job! Buying a home is not the easiest thing in the world; thank goodness for Jared. He made our process more pleasant, understandable, and helped in any way he could with no questions asked. We will forever recommend Wayne Frier of Macclenny to anyone who is looking for their home!

Francis Hebert

Palatka, FL

The real question is… will I return for future business post purchase. The answer is Yes I will…. There will always be bumps in the process from start to finish, I believe we would be naive to think not.. This said, Jared did what he said he was going to do. He didn’t over promise and stood by his word. Jared worked with me with true integrity. Second to this and a very important part of the process is Jared’s contractor team – First Class!! The set up crew (Will Price) and septic & well folks (Bart Andrews) were awesome, true professionals in every way.

The sales experience was also another positive moment for us. We new what we wanted and with out pressure the team work with us to get the home we wanted and the way we wanted it!!

Based on my experience, my advice to anyone in the market would be at a minimum stop by Wayne Frier and give them a shot at helping you through the process.




E Kenneth Pettibone

Sanderson, FL

By far this is the best mobile home place to purchase a mobile home from. The Sales Team is professional and very helpful. I personally dealt with Dawn who was great. The owner of this lot, Jared, is an awesome individual to do business with. He stays on top of the total experience from start to finish. Goes way beyond to make sure you are completely happy with your experience. All of the subcontractors are great. They are personable and professional. They are quick and do a first class job. From the AC, electric, and well system, they are top notch 1st class. All subcontractors are overseen by John, who again makes sure you are happy. Go see the team at Wayne Frier of Macclenny when your ready for a 1st class purchase of a mobile home.

Kelley Murphy

Glen St. Mary, FL

We purchased a beautiful home from Wayne Frier Macclenny and could not be happier! Jared and Misti were very knowledgeable about the entire process and provided excellent customer service. We priced around and discovered the best bargain was right here in our own community, so we were delighted to support a local business. Jared responded immediately to our questions and concerns, making sure every detail was to our satisfaction. We highly recommend this business and definitely encourage those who are in the market for a new home to check them out!
Allen and Kelley Murphy

Katelynn Waddell

Jacksonville, FL

We had a awesome experience working with Wayne Frier of Maccleny and we love our new home. They worked with us with any issue that came up and got them fixed.

Charisma Calloway

Jacksonville, FL

Jared Martin and Misti Griffis at Wayne Frier Macclenny went above and beyond to assist me with home ownership. They worked hard to give me what I wanted. Most importantly their open door policy, the return of phone calls and the assistance in finding the home that best fit me was impeccable. Thanks Jared and Misti for changing my life.

Piper Simmons

Jacksonville, FL

In my opinion the most important consideration, after the quality of a purchase, is the service after the sale. Hurricane Irma damaged my mobile home such that I needed a replacement. My research led me to Wayne Frier of Macclenny, owned and operated by Jared Martin. On our first meeting I was impressed by Jared’s honest desire to serve his customers (me). I am an old guy and I can read people pretty well. The product I was interested in was a Live Oak mobile home. I was sold by the quality of the shell. It is similar in all the available models and the frame construction cannot be matched that I could find. I have lived in mobile homes many times over the years and I know that anything that is mass produced on a production line can have some minor problems and that is why I am concerned about the service after the sale (when they have my money.) Jared explained their service policy and I was introduced to his service manager John Merchant. John and I hit it off from the beginning. When we were alone he told me what Jared expected of him and his crew as well as the other sub contractors involved in setting up the home and readying it for occupancy. It is no wonder Wayne Frier of Macclenny out sells his competitors tenfold.
My wife and I purchased the 28×56 Runner with the idea that we would likely upgrade as we saw fit later. It was delivered and setup on schedule though we were experiencing some terrible weather.
I was so impressed by John Merchant’s crew taking care of the minor problems, I asked him to build a 10 x 20 covered porch as an addition. I am completely happy with my purchase.
I cannot see into the future but I truly believe in Jared Martin when he says he is and always will be there for his customers. He and John are some of the good guys.

Brian & Deb

Glen St. Mary, FL

Aug. 2016: Purchased the home from Wayne Frier of Macclenny (WFM).
No aggressive sales people (Larry was Great); and good follow-up service after the sale.
We mainly dealt with Jared (owner) and Larry (sales) throughout the process.

We purchased a Live Oak DW (28X52) with upgrades: 6” exterior walls; additional insulation; T&T walls; high pitched roof; high end vinyl flooring throughout.
No regrets; exceeds our expectations. The wife and I Love the home!!

When issues did occurred, action was taken by Jared and his service team, and issues were resolved.

Results, as of 6/24/2017: All is well! Some service calls were required and issues were corrected to my expectations. Jared & Larry are very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend WFM! Thanks again Jared & Larry!

7/14/2018: Update. I wanted to allow time before doing a follow-up. To date, the home is great!
It withstood the strong winds during Hurricane Irma (Sept. 2017)! And yes, we stayed in the home during the storm. As stated above, we opted for upgrades to ensure the home was solid.

Bottom-line, no regrets!

Brian & Deb

Michael Bingham

Fernandina Beach, FL

These guys have gone above and beyond to make my wife and I happy. Chris and Jared have been able to answer every question that we may have had, and made sure that we were able to understand the whole home buying process. So as we are first time hime buyers ,that mat have proved difficult for a lot of people. Especially with a wife that likes to always know what is going on and what needs to happen next. Thank you guys so much!

Jeff Douglas

Sanderson, FL

Me and my girlfriend stopped by to look at new homes we we’re greeted by Dawn Miller. After looking at homes we asked if they had any that were already set up she gave us the address and fell in love with the place. we just closed 1-11-19 Dawn Jared and everyone involved have been more than helpful couldn’t ask for a better experience. Jared handled all of our concerns with buying this place. Installed new stove and refrigerator and had the septic pumped and AC and well checked before our closing. I would recommend Wayne Frier to anyone awesome all the way through the closing and still involved with any issues we may come across. thanks

Jacob Johns

Folkston, GA

My wife and I are currently in the process of buying a home from Chris at Wayne Frier. We HIGHLY recommend Chris to EVERYONE if a problem comes up, I can promise you he knows a way to work through it, and he will do everything in his power to work through it. If you go here, ASK TO SPEAK TO CHRIS CREWS. HE IS GREAT!!!!!

UPDATE 1/12/19
Our home is currently in the set up stages and EVERY contractor, from the set up crew to the people installing the drywall to the guys who had to fix a couple minor factory defects, have been truly exceptional!!! As with anything made on an assembly line, you will have some minor issues, but Live Oak Homes has wasted no time getting someone out there to fix the issues. Also, they call you frequently making sure your problems get fixed. SO FAR nothing but good words from my family about Wayne Frier Macclenny and Live Oak Homes.

Michelle M

Middleburg, FL

Through no fault of Wayne Friar Mobile Homes, it took us a while to get final approval for our home. During this time Jared and Dawn did everything possible to make sure our needs for a new home we’re fulfilled. Jared was able to work out a fantastic deal for us that meets both our space requirements and our budget. We were given phone numbers for the various crews that would be setting up our new home at closing and things have flowed very smoothly. Our experience has been incredibly positive and we would recommend visiting Wayne Friar Mobile Homes of Macclenny for your next home!

Jonathon Neaves

Yulee, FL

My family and I went to wayne frier and are 100% satisfied with how quickly they put everything together and how willing they are to work with a person’s budget, not everything was good once our land appraisal came in and they worked with us to make is happen, I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone, and I have.

Johnny Nicely

Live Oak, FL

Great experience. Jared and Chris were super and always answered the phone and found me a great home with perfect financing for us. Thanks.

Justin Budny

Melrose, FL

Working with Jared and his team from Wayne Frier Home Center of Macclenny has been a breath of fresh air! Honestly I wish I would have started sooner. After searching all of North & Central FL all the way to up to South Georgia for a new mobile home I came across Wayne Frier Home Center of Macclenny and in particular Jared Martin (the owner). Not only did he educated me on the difference of manufacturers he beat all the other competitors prices with upgrades!

Jared’s word has been gold throughout this whole process (which is a rarity nowadays). I live over 450 miles from where the home is located and Jared made everything seem easy by doing all the heavy lifting regarding (tear down, permits, setup, AC, inspections and stuff I didn’t even know about).

I highly recommend working with Jared and the entire Wayne Frier Home Center of Macclenny Team!

Duncan Merchant

Macclenny, FL

Great place, loads of lot models set up that really show many of the choices you can choose for your perfect home

Jacob Johns

My wife and I are currently in the process of buying a home from Chris at Wayne Frier. We HIGHLY recommend Chris to EVERYONE if a problem comes up i can promise you he knows a way to work threw it and he will do everything in his power to work through it. if you go here ASK TO SPEAK TO CHRIS CREWS HE IS GREAT!!!!!

Rita Sheridan

Glen St. Mary, FL

My husband and I just purchased a triple wide from Wayne Frier in Macclenny. The staff there was very nice and responsive. Jared and Chris were very helpful and kept us informed every step of the way! This has been a wonderful experience and I would recommend any one looking for a manufactured or modular home to go and see Jarrod or Chris at Wayne Frier!!

Damien Burnsed

Glen St. Mary, FL

Great dealer to buy a home from. All the sales people there are very knowledgeable, but me personally, I would recommend Chris. He has helped me thru the whole process and very attentive to your needs via email or phone. If he’s not available, the head guy, Jared, will be glad to help you out. Everywhere is backed up right now due to all the rain we have got, but trust me, any chance they get they will do what they have to to get your place ready for you to move in. So don’t get discouraged or mad if it takes a little extra time. They will get to it asap. The installers, Price Right Enterprise is top notch also. Mrs Oda is awesome.

Amy VanCore

Senior Executive Cascade Financial

I have been working with Jared and his team for the last several years on loans and they are the best. They are timely and helpful when we have questions on paperwork. You can’t go wrong with them.

Sherry Green

Baldwin, FL

I had an Awesome experience with Waynefrier of Macclenny with my 2019 new home. David, Salesman listen to my needs and advise me of my wants and together we made the right decision for me. I can’t say enough about Jared who was positive, and displayed “GREAT “Customer Service above and beyond!! I strongly recommend this Team for anyone looking to purchase a new home, Thanks so much Wayne Frier of Macclenny!!

Jennifer Wilson

Macclenny, FL

I just bought a home from Wayne Frier. I mostly worked with Jared and Misti. They have both gone out of their way to help me. From helping me pick out a home in my price range that I am happy with to getting a mortgage loan for it. I am very happy with my experience. They have really made this whole process easy and have worked on the details to make sure everything is how I wanted.

I can not say enough about what a good experience this has been so far. I am sitting here in my new home as I type this and I am thrilled.

Tammy Noble

St. Augustine, FL

Tammy and I bought our Ponderosa and the home was put on property in March of 2017. Our sales lady was Misti Griffis who had to deal with our ups and downs through the process, she handled them like a true professional and in the end we felt like family. After placed on site Jared Martin took over any needs for punch lists to tidy up minor repairs. Each time it wasn’t long before a team of men were over to address the problems and MAKE IT RIGHT….AWESOME SERVICE AFTER THE SALE.

The TRUE TEST of the home was 9-11-2017 when Hurricane Irma unleashed its fury in St Johns County. Through it all the Wayne Fryer Home stood up like a tank. Post Storm my entire property was under 1′ 1/2″ of water up to the homes front steps…made me glad we were 30″ high off the ground. The only damage was two roof vent blew off, THAT”S IT! No siding, shingles, window or structure damage. If you are in the market for a Manufactured Home, don”t be fooled by the other guys. Go straight to Wayne Fryer Macclenny and get a great home and great service before and after the sale.

Trevor Gilbert

Best selection and great prices!

Samantha Pearson

If you’re not sure what house you want, go there! They have everything

Pegasus Jockey

Has the best selection on new houses!

Beth Hanson

Everyone there makes you feel welcome and at home. Glad I chose Wayne Frier!

Jeff Ballew

Great place great people. Willing to go the extra mile to take care of the customer and help them fulfill their dreams of having an amazing home .

Gregory Holdings

Lake City, FL

I had a fantastic experience with Jared Martin from the time I first visited the Macclenny outlet until the setup of the mobile home was complete. He promptly responded to my every need and walked me through every step of the way. I can’t say enough about the customer service and how painless the entire process was. I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for a mobile home. Thanks again for everything!

Ace Luongo

Orlando, FL

We bought our home almost three years ago. We drove around and looked at multiples homes and spoke with lots and lots of people regarding the purchase of a manufactured home. We decided after meeting Misti and the crew at Wayne Frier to buy our home there. The first time we met Misti I knew my wife and I were going to hit it off with her. My wife and Misit spoke in great detail what was wanted in our home and Wayne Frier definitely delivered. She was the main reason we decided to work with the Wayne Frier outlet. As with any home there were a few “issues” as the home settled. Misti and the crew at Wayne Frier were quick to get things fixed. The customer service we received is undeniably the best in the business. I have recommended many friends there. I would buy here again.

Miranda Nickerson

Jacksonville, FL

Jared and his team are very friendly. They are awesome help. They are very honest. They have the best customer service i have seen in a long time. I’m very glad i chose to get my home from them.

 Kristi Lee Ibanez

We are currently in the market to purchase my first home as well as a new and safe place for my elderly mother who is sick to love, I called on a Saturday and spoke to Mr . Jared who allowed us to come after hours too look around due to me working late . Mr Jared was extremely helpful and very nice as well as sincere . I didn’t wanna make a decision just yet due to this being my first time purchasing a house so we looked around a little , I definitely don’t recommend Clayton homes in east Palatka they don’t take the time out to help you and then discourage you for your price range. They offered us a single wide for 71k when Wayne Frier has a beautiful double wide for 74k. Again if you want that amazing customer service experience please come here , I’m in the car business and I know what true customer service is. Wayne Frier definitely earned our business and we won’t be looking anywhere else.

Kenneth K

Callahan, FL

Awesome service I have had the best service I could have asked for no sales gimmicks just straight talk Jerrod and Misty took me through the entire process took the time to explain everything and answered all my questions and have stuck by me even after the sale truly made me feel like family very pleased with there service

Mike Chism

Fernandina Beach, FL

After having a bad experience with a mobile home business in Jacksonville I was hesitant to purchase another mobile home. But I must say from my first visit to Wayne Frier in Macclenny Fl to signing the contract having the home delivered and set up was a smooth and pleasant experience! Everything they told me they would do was done!! Every time I called or text I was answered back in a timely manner! Thank You Jared for all your hard work!!

Shauna Boatwright

Jacksonville, FL

Sitting in my new home! Jared is the best! We shopped around for years! Jared was able to get us the home we always wanted and was there every step of the way to make sure thing were Right! Stop looking your in the right spot!

Steve Brannen

Glen St. Mary, FL

Wonderful home, great people to work with
Jared followed thru on every promise and exceeded on most

Mark Sommese

Callahan, FL

We looked at dozens of units and these are far above the rest. Add in the Wonderful people at Wayne Frier just makes it icing on the cake. Jared and Mistie are super professionals and are always there when I needed them. They guided us through every step of the move process from start to finish. The really want your move to be stress free. After all, getting a new home should be FUN!!! They made it that way!!! We LOVE are new home!!! Do you and your wife a favor. Get your home from the guys at Wayne Frier.

Ashley Stubbs

Callahan, FL

We are finally headed towards the finish line. Jared was great help through the process. We had ups and downs with the county but as for Wayne Frier Homes in Macclenny, they did a great job. We are so grateful it all worked out. Cudos!!!

Arin Taylor

Middleburg, FL

We love our experience at Wayne Frier of Macclenny!! Their homes are beautiful, and their customer service is outstanding! Everyone is so helpful!

Ernest Gaineu

Great place to buy a home. Friendly sales people and great service. See Misti, she’ll give you a great deal.

Dion Jones

Dawn is awesome! Chris and Misti rock also. If you need a home, they will help you find the right one.

Angie Schmelzle

St. Augustine, FL

Jared and Misti expedited the set up of our home and had us living in it in a matter of a couple of weeks. Every contractor involved was beyond courteous and professional. The home is beautiful and already feels like “home”!

Trannon Burnsed

Macclenny, FL

 I shopped around for over a year , and made my decision at Wayne Frier Macclenny .I paid cash so I wanted to be sure I made the right choice. I had the best customer service with my sales lady Misti Griffis .Over all they did everything possible to make experience great ! I am very pleased. I would recommend Wayne Frier Macclenny to anyone ! They are very knowledgeable and live oak homes are a very well built, manufactured home .Thank you Misti and Jared.

Misti Layton

St. Augustine, FL

Thank you so much Jared you have made my first time home experience the best ever. I have read a lot of reviews from a lot of different dealers and I was very cautious when choosing the place I purchased my home. I want to think you so much for making my first experience of purchasing a mobile home such a great one!!!

Marc Bacon

Lake City, FL

I am loving my experience with Jared Martin and Wayne Frier Macclenney. They have walked me and my daughter through this process with professionalism and have answered all my questions and concerns. Weather permitting, they also were punctual to their word .
Thank you very much!
Mark S. Bacon

Jim & Julie

St. Augustine

I will say that this company has treated me very good. I will also say the owner and his salesmen have been great. Awesome communication and friendly. Without a doubt, I would recommend this company. Thank you again Jared and Larry.

Mandy Johnson

Had a great experience!!! Thank you Misti!!!